Terms and Conditions

Great Wall 6 year/200,000 kilometre warranty comprises of the 3 year / 100,000 kilometre Standard Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty with an extended 3 year / 200,000 kilometre (whichever comes sooner) Extended Powertrain Warranty* provided by Great Wall Ireland. The Extended Powertrain Warranty* applies to vehicles registered after 1st April 2013.


The Great Wall Extended Limited Warranty is extended to the first owner and all Subsequent owners of the vehicle during the warranty period.


a) It is warranted that each new Great Wall Steed supplied by Great Wall Irelandfrom the 1st April until 31st December 2013, registered and normally operated in the Republicof Irelandwill be free of defects in powertrain components or workmanship during the extended warranty period.
b) Any officially appointed Great Wall dealer will make any repairs and adjustments, using new or remanufactured parts, to correct defects covered by this warranty.
c) The extended warranty becomes effective immediately after the standard limited manufacturer’s warranty expires and will only cover the powertrain components as defined below up to a maximum of Six years or 200,000 kilometres whichever occurs first from the date of first registration or the date of first use.
d) Warranty repairs (parts and labour) will be made at no charge, a reasonable time must be allowed after taking the vehicle to the dealer for repairs.



· Engine Block and all internal parts
· Cylinder Heads and all internal parts · Cam Covers
· Timing gears and cover, excluding belts · Oil pump and cooler
· Water pump
· Radiator
· Fuel pump
· Intake manifolds
· Flywheel
· Engine mounts
· Fuel Injectors
· Turbo and Intercooler
· Alternator
· Starter Motor
· Air conditioning compressor (all other air conditioning parts are excluded)
· Power Steering Pump (all other components related to steering are excluded)
· Engine sensors (excludes airflow meter)
· Seals and Gaskets


· Case and all internal parts
· Transmission Mounts
· Seals and Gaskets


· Prop shaft
· Front and rear diff and internal parts
· Axle shafts and CV joints
· Seals and gaskets


a) Defects, malfunctions or failures resulting from misuse (e.g. overloading or racing), negligence, modification, alteration, tampering, disconnection, improper adjustments or repairs, accidents, installation of parts not equivalent in quality and design to parts supplied by Great Wall Ireland, add-on parts, improper maintenance, lack of required maintenance or use of fuels, oils and /or lubricants other than those recommended in the Owner’s Manual.
b) Cleaning and polishing, replacement of filters, worn brake and clutch and normal maintenance services. For full details see the Maintenance Schedule section in Warranties and Service Booklet.
c) Inconvenience, expenses or commercial losses resulting from loss of the use of the vehicle (including, but not limited to, lodging bills, car rentals, other travel costs, loss of pay or other incidental or consequential damages).
d) Any vehicle on which the odometer mileage has been altered.
e) Routine recharging of air conditioning is not covered unless it is required as part of a warranty repair.
f) Components and systems not specifically listed above


a) As an owner of a Great Wall Steed, you are responsible for ensuring your vehicle is serviced in accordance with the schedules set out in the Warranties and Service Booklet, using only genuine Great Wall parts or parts of certified equivalent quality.
b) To maintain your vehicle to the highest standards, Service and Warranty repairs can only be undertaken at Authorised Great Wall Dealers and Repairers as listed on the Great Wall Ireland website at (www.greatwallmotors.ie)
c) You are responsible for the proper operation, maintenance and care of your Great Wall Steed in accordance with the instructions found in the Owner’s Manual & Maintenance Schedule section in the Warranties and Service Booklet. Any services must be carried out within one month or 1,600 kilometres either side of the due times or mileage as applicable. Failure to adhere to the service schedule may result in your warranty being invalidated.
d) You are responsible for keeping maintenance records and in some instances, it may be necessary for you to show that required maintenance has been performed on your vehicle.
e) When you change your residence, you are requested to have the new address registered at your officially appointed Great Wall dealer, and with Great Wall Ireland.
f) Following off-road use you must examine the underside of your vehicle for damage. Pay particular attention to any grass that may have collected around the exhaust, gearbox, propshaft & rear diff. Also after off-road use check transmission, diff and engine oils for water contamination and lubricate propshaft if the vehicle has been through water.


a) Pursuant to this powertrain warranty, it is the intent of Great Wall Irelandto repair, without charge, any fault that develops on the covered components during the warranty period, as a result of any defect in materials or manufacturer’s workmanship. This includes replacing service supplies (e.g. oils, coolant, refrigerant, etc.), if necessary, when making these repairs, providing the vehicle is not due for a service.
b) Note the distinction between the terms ‘defect’ and ‘damage’ as used in this warranty: ‘Defects’ are covered because the manufacturer is responsible for faulty materials or workmanship on your Great Wall Steed. On the other hand, since the manufacturer has no control over ‘Damages’ caused by, for example, collision, misuse or lack of maintenance which occur after your Great Wall Steed is delivered to you, these damages are not covered by this warranty.
c) Normal maintenance is excluded from coverage under this warranty because it is your responsibility to maintain your Great Wall Steed in accordance with the Maintenance Schedule in the Warranties and Service Booklet.